April 3, 2020

Join Pak Army Job 2018 As Regular Commission Through 30th Technical Cadet Course

Join Pak Army Job 2018 As Regular Commission Through 30th Technical Cadet Course TCC.

Join pak army as regular commission through 30th technical cadet course. Interested candidate can apply through online. Required education is F.sc, ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level.

Last Date For Online Registration 23rd March 2018


1- Eligibility Conditions:

a. Age          -17 to 21 years on 1st September

b. Gender     -Male

c. Marital Status       -Unmarried

d. Nationality            -Pakistan

e. Minimum Height        -5’4   162.5 com

f. Weight                        -As per body mass

g. Education                – 1-F.sc Pre-Eng with phys, chem, math / computer science. Minimum marks 65% in F.sc.

2- ‘O’ level passed in five subject and English is compulsory. ‘A’ level passed in Math, Phys, Chem /                                                       Computer Science in Grade A-C.

3- Candidates who have passed FSc in Computer Sciences can apply for
Computer Software Engineering only.

2- Ineligibility Conditions:

a. Twice rejected by ISSB / GHQ / NHQ / AHQ Selection Board or once
rejected by ISSB and once rejected by GHQ / NHQ / AHQ Selection Board.

b. Withdrawn from any Academy / Training Institution of Armed Forces on any

c. Withdrawn from any bonded Armed Forces college / institution on
disciplinary grounds.

d. Dismissed / removed / debarred from Govt Services including Armed

e. Convicted in a Court of Law for an offence involving moral turpitude.

f. Permanently declared UNFIT by Appeal Medical Board (AMB).

g. Declared medically unfit due to Hepatitis B & C (Such candidates cannot
request for appearance in AMB).

h. Declared medically unfit by any Armed Forces Hospital except those
cleared by Appeal Medical Board.

i. Diploma Holders.

j. Those studying in any of the Armed Forces Institutions / Academies or
nominated against reserve defense quota seats / studying as Paying
Cadets in any of the Armed Forces Technical Colleges.

Physical Test:

a. 1.6 Km Run-8 mints

b. Push Ups-15  Repetitions in 2 Minutes

c. Sit Ups -20 Repetitions in 2 Minutes

d. Chin Ups-3 Repetitions in 2 Minutes

e. Ditch Crossing-7’4” x 7’4” with a Depth of 4’

                         Preliminary Test & Interviews Dates: From 26th March 2018 – 17th April

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How To Apply:

Candidates can register through Internet or by visiting Army Selection and Recruitment Centres (AS&RCs).

For Online Registration click below link. Check TCC Box and click Registration Form.



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